Life Insurance South Africa

Buying life insurance can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. Here are some articles that may lighten the load, and help you navigate through these waters.


Life Insurance for both Parents

Reasons why Life Insurance for both parents may be better for two-parent households. The homemaker/breadwinner way of living is very common today. Although not portrayed in mainstream, both roles have equal value, and your Life Insurance Cover should reflect as such.

The Stats

Life Insurance Statistics 101 –  Here we talk about the stigmas that plague Life Insurance as we debunk the whole truths from the half lies.

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Needs Analysis

Not sure how much Life Cover you need? Here is a good example of how you could determine just that. Use the calculator tool to do your own needs analysis.

Insurable Interest

Here we briefly explain the term Insurable Interest, talk about when you might be asked some questions regarding it, and what exactly those question are.

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