Not sure about Your Life Insurance Quote?

So you got a Life Insurance Quote, but you are not sure if you got the right amount of Life Cover. There is a simple way to take the guess work out of knowing whether you are getting the right Life Insurance Quote or not. The Life Insurance Needs Analysis Tool. All you need to do is, populate the input fields on the calculator and click the calculate button to get the results. You can then compare this result to the Quote you receive and judge whether the Quoted Life Cover suit your needs and your pocket. Make adjustments that has a good balance of your needs and budget before you purchase your Life Insurance. See example below for more details. Use the CALCULATE button to do your Needs Analysis today, and take the guess work out of getting the right amount of Life Insurance Cover.

needs analysis example

Customer Example

We went ahead and created a virtual client with the following details:

  • Male: 35
  • Salary: R67,000p/m
  • Children: 2
  • Lifestyle: Non-smoker
  • Occupation: Lawyer 
  • Bond: Outstanding balance – R1.5million
  • Funeral Expenses: R100, 000
  • Education Cost: R250, 000 X 4yrs X 2 Children
  • Vehicle Finance: R400, 000 Outstanding balance
  • All Dept: R100, 000

The Results

The picture is a display of the Needs Analysis the client had done before submitting his details for a GET A QUOTE request. The results reveals that the client needs R4.1m Life Cover. Remember, you can adjust your Life Cover to suit your needs and your budget, so try to find a good balance between the two. Use the CALCULATE button to do your Needs Analysis now.

  • Quoted Premium for: Death | Disability | Critical Illness
  • Life Cover: R5million
  • Premium: R959p/m

These results are an example created for real-world application.
Results may vary from person to person.