In a nutshell, an individual has insurable interest in something or someone when loss or damage would cause that individual to suffer a financial loss. Example: You are retired and on a fixed income, however, your child is paying your rent. If anything were to happen to your child i.e. loss, then you would not be able to afford your rent i.e. financial loss. (You are the individual in this example, therefore you have insurable interest in your child)

In short, there are no broker fees or any other silly cost which usually drive the monthly premium up. 

Your assigned online broker will make sure the process goes as fast as possible. However, only so much is in their control. In our experience there may be a slight delay at the medical assessment phase, but this is normal with all Life Cover Insurers. Rest assured, faster processing is a top priority.

This differs from person to person in accordance with factors like, your lifestyle and other risk factors. For example, your occupation, i.e. whether it’s hazardous or not. Regardless, our main priority here is to give value for money. Whether you have existing Life Cover, or you are purchasing Life Cover for the first time.

Once you are happy with your quote, and have submitted your details to process your purchase order, the assigned online broker will call you at the date and time you have requested. So be sure to select a date and time that is best suited to your schedule. Also have your banking details ready for confirmation to complete the purchase order process.

After a set time period, the government could seize the unclaimed funds and use it for expenses and budgeting. So PLEASE make sure you have selected at least two beneficiaries who can take care of your financial affairs when your gone.   

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